What a fabulous Friday!

Well done once more Year Six. We have had a really positive week. Almost everyone has handed in their PGL diaries which are looking very impressive – those who haven’t, were the students who were in classic literature, but they are almost there! I am certain that Mrs Barker will be very happy to read them when she returns.

We have worked diligently upon sequencing and personification in maths and English. It has been challenging, but that is a good thing, as everyone appeared to really move forwards in their understanding.

Well done Ezra, for receiving a special mention for your cover design in our “Tamsyn Murray assembly.” Everyone also made a great start to our poster research, about different habitats. You will be happy to know that on Monday, we have a long lesson whereby we can get this truly under way.

Please remember to complete your maths homework in preparation for our work in maths on Monday. If you are unsure about anything, there are lots of adults in class to talk to, just ask.

Mrs Barker has been very busy in Shanghai, visiting schools and attending lectures at the university. We will have so many questions to ask her, upon her return.

Enjoy the weekend and we will see you on Monday.

Best wishes

Miss O’Hagan, Mrs Balasuriya and Mrs Combes.

One thought on “What a fabulous Friday!

  1. You really did have a “Fabulous Friday!”
    I am so sorry to have missed the official opening of the library by Tamsyn Murray. I am glad to hear that most of you have completed your PGL diaries; I can’t wait to read them!
    I also hope that you progress your habitat posters well on Monday.
    I miss you all.
    Mrs Barker x

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