We Won!

Congratulations to all 3 Wroxham teams, you all played really well against some very strong teams from Little Heath, Oakmere, Ladbrooke and Cranbourne.

Special mention must go to our A team, who won every match and were the overall tournament winners.

Most importantly, I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did.

P1070213 (Medium)

P1070193 (Medium) P1070194 (Medium) P1070196 (Medium) P1070197 (Medium) P1070198 (Medium) P1070199 (Medium) P1070200 (Medium) P1070201 (Medium) P1070202 (Medium) P1070203 (Medium) P1070204 (Medium) P1070205 (Medium) P1070206 (Medium) P1070207 (Medium) P1070208 (Medium) P1070209 (Medium) P1070210 (Medium) P1070211 (Medium)


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