Training for the Hockey Tournament

Year 6 have been training hard in preparation for the Hockey Tournament at Dame Alice Owen’s school today. We will be entering 3 teams into the tournament; wish us luck!

P1070170 (Medium) P1070171 (Medium) P1070172 (Medium) P1070173 (Medium) P1070174 (Medium) P1070175 (Medium) P1070176 (Medium) P1070177 (Medium) P1070178 (Medium) P1070179 (Medium) P1070180 (Medium) P1070181 (Medium) P1070182 (Medium) P1070183 (Medium) P1070184 (Medium) P1070185 (Medium) P1070186 (Medium) P1070187 (Medium) P1070188 (Medium) P1070189 (Medium) P1070190 (Medium) P1070191 (Medium) P1070192 (Medium)

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