Simply The Best

Year 6 have been busy writing nomination speeches for teachers at Wroxham School who are simply the best! Here we are presenting our speeches to the class:

P1100654 P1100655 P1100651 P1100661 P1100646 P1100644 P1100643 P1100642 P1100636 P1100635 P1100634 P1100632 P1100631 P1100630 P1100625 P1100622 P1100623 P1100620 P1100619 P1100618 P1100617 P1100616 P1100614 P1100612 P1100610 P1100608 P1100604 P1100601 P1100600 P1100586 P1100588 P1100590 P1100598 P1100591



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