Shanghai update

Dear year six,

This is probably our last email from Mrs Barker, whilst she is still in
Shanghai. We are all dying to hear her amazing news when she returns to
Wroxham on Tuesday.

Miss O’Hagan

Dear year 6,

Today, all of the UK teachers worked together throughout the day. We were planning how we can use some of the maths activities that we have seen in China, in our own schools when we get back home.

This evening we went out for dinner to an amazing restaurant- it was on the 6th floor of a building and we were sat outside on a terrace overlooking the river. All of the high rise buildings around us were lit up, so the view was spectacular.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Shanghai, before we make the long journey home. I am planning to go shopping for some souvenirs of my trip; maybe a fan, or a nodding cat, or some chopsticks? 

I hope that you have discovered more about the Mayans and that you are enjoying writing your metaphor poems.

Love from Mrs Barker x

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