Science Investigation

Year 6 were busy making scale models of the Solar System with Play-Doh this afternoon. Well done Year 6, fantastic team work!

P1110019 P1110020 P1110021 P1110022 P1110023 P1110024 P1110025 P1110026 P1110027 P1110028 P1110029 P1110030 P1110031 P1110032 P1110033 P1110034 P1110036 P1110037 P1110038 P1110040 P1110041 P1110042 P1110043 P1110044 P1110045 P1110046 P1110047 P1110048 P1110049 P1110050 P1110051 P1110052 P1110056 P1110057 P1110058 P1110059 P1110060 P1110061 P1110062 P1110064 P1110065 P1110066 P1110067 P1110068 P1110071 P1110072 P1110074 P1110075 P1110076 P1110078 P1110085 P1110086 P1110089P1110084

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