Play Leader Training

Today, Year 6 had our Play Leader training session, so we are now ready to help the rest of the school during lunchtime each day. We came up with some really creative new games to play:

p1120389 p1120390 p1120391 p1120392 p1120394 p1120395 p1120396 p1120397 p1120399 p1120400 p1120401 p1120402 p1120403 p1120404 p1120405 p1120406 p1120407 p1120408 p1120409 p1120410 p1120411 p1120412 p1120413 p1120414 p1120415 p1120416 p1120417 p1120418 p1120420 p1120421 p1120422 p1120423 p1120424 p1120425

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