Performance Poetry

Year 6 have been studying poetry for the past few weeks and to mark the end of this work we rehearsed and performed the poem, Mathilda, by Hilaire Belloc.

Despite the fact that each group only had 30 minutes to prepare their poem, I was very impressed by the quality of the performances.

P1070169 (Medium) P1070167 (Medium) P1070164 (Medium) P1070163 (Medium) P1070160 (Medium) P1070158 (Medium) P1070150 (Medium) P1070156 (Medium) P1070155 (Medium)

P1070150 (Medium) P1070151 (Medium) P1070155 (Medium) P1070156 (Medium) P1070158 (Medium) P1070160 (Medium) P1070163 (Medium) P1070164 (Medium) P1070167 (Medium) P1070169 (Medium)

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