Year 6, you have all worked so hard this week and everyone at Wroxham is very proud of you. You have all performed at your very best and you thoroughly deserved your party today.

P1080634 P1080635 P1080636 P1080637 P1080638 P1080642 P1080643 P1080646 P1080647 P1080648 P1080649 P1080651 P1080652 P1080653 P1080654 P1080655 P1080656 P1080657 P1080659 P1080660 P1080664 P1080665 P1080666 P1080668 P1080669 P1080670 P1080671 P1080672 P1080673 P1080674 P1080675 P1080676 P1080677 P1080678 P1080679 P1080680 P1080681 P1080682 P1080683 P1080684 P1080685 P1080686 P1080687 P1080688 P1080689 P1080690 P1080691 P1080692 P1080693

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