Lacrosse training is going well!

Here are some great action shots from our second lacrosse session. Many thanks to Christopher for taking these.

P1070742 P1070744 P1070745 P1070747 P1070748 P1070749 P1070750 P1070751 P1070752 P1070753 P1070754 P1070755 P1070756 P1070757 P1070758 P1070759 P1070760 P1070761 P1070763 P1070764 P1070765 P1070766 P1070768 P1070769 P1070770 P1070771 P1070772 P1070773 P1070774 P1070775 P1070776 P1070777 P1070778 P1070779 P1070780 P1070781 P1070782 P1070785 P1070787 P1070789 P1070790 P1070791 P1070793 P1070794 P1070795 P1070796 P1070798 P1070799 P1070801 P1070803 P1070805 P1070806 P1070807 P1070809 P1070810 P1070811 P1070813 P1070814 P1070815 P1070819 P1070822 P1070823 P1070826 P1070827 P1070828 P1070829 P1070831 P1070833 P1070836 P1070839 P1070840 P1070841 P1070842 P1070843

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