We had another great warm-up this week, then we learned some Bollywood dance steps. We have begun to choreograph some routines, which we will share next week.

P1080157 P1080158 P1080159 P1080162 P1080163 P1080164 P1080165 P1080166 P1080167 P1080168 P1080169 P1080170 P1080171 P1080172 P1080177 P1080178 P1080182 P1080183 P1080191 P1080194 P1080195 P1080196 P1080197 P1080198 P1080199 P1080202 P1080204 P1080206 P1080207 P1080208 P1080212 P1080213 P1080214 P1080218 P1080219 P1080220 P1080221 P1080222 P1080223 P1080224 P1080225 P1080227 P1080228 P1080230

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