Art Exhibition

Year 6 were delighted to welcome everyone into our classroom this lunchtime for our exhibition of the clay models of Buddha that we made in RE.

We had a lot of visitors and everyone was so impressed by the quality of our models:

p1120678 p1120679 p1120680 p1120681 p1120682 p1120683 p1120684 p1120685 p1120686 p1120687 p1120688 p1120689 p1120690 p1120691 p1120692 p1120693 p1120694 p1120695 p1120696 p1120697 p1120698 p1120699 p1120700 p1120701 p1120702 p1120703 p1120704 p1120705 p1120706


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