Another Lacrosse Session

Year 6 got the chance to practice their new lacrosse skills on the field yesterday. Here are some more great action pictures by our “resident photographer” Christopher.

P1070874 P1070875 P1070876 P1070877 P1070878 P1070879 P1070880 P1070881 P1070882 P1070884 P1070885 P1070886 P1070887 P1070888 P1070889 P1070890 P1070891 P1070892 P1070893 P1070894 P1070895 P1070896 P1070897 P1070898 P1070902 P1070903 P1070904 P1070905 P1070906 P1070907 P1070908 P1070910 P1070911 P1070912 P1070913 P1070915 P1070916 P1070918 P1070919 P1070920 P1070921 P1070922 P1070923 P1070924 P1070925 P1070926 P1070927 P1070928 P1070929 P1070930 P1070931 P1070932 P1070933 P1070934 P1070936 P1070937 P1070939 P1070940 P1070941 P1070943 P1070944 P1070945

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