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Fund-Raising For The Rivers Group

Today we had an assembly about the work of the Rivers Group. They are a charity, that raises money, to provide a daily meal for school children in South Africa, who live in extreme poverty. We heard how the lives of these children differ greatly from our lives, here in Potters Bar.

On Friday, after school, they will be organizing a fund-raising event in the hall and I’m delighted to say that many of our class have volunteered to help run the various stalls.

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Daily Mile

Every class at Wroxham is now finding 15 minutes during the school day to run, jog, skip, walk etc.

The Daily Mile is a nationwide initiative, which you can read more about on the website:

On Tuesday, Year 6 measured the perimeters of the top and bottom playgrounds, then calculated that if we cover 17.5 laps of the top playground or 18.25 laps of bottom playground, we have completed 1 mile.

Here are some pictures of our Daily Mile today:

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PGL 2016

What a wonderful way to kick off the new school year!

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting the photos, please be patient whilst we re-size and upload them. Here is a group photo before the disco to whet your appetite:


Year 6 were the perfect ambassadors for Wroxham School throughout their week at PGL. I would just like to share with you the contents of an email that was sent to Dame Alison on our return:

To the head teacher of Wroxham School,

My name is Scott, I was fortunate enough to be your year 6’s group leader whilst at PGL and I am just writing to inform you of how much I thoroughly enjoyed looking after your students. They were a pleasure to have for the 5 days and I want to say they are a real credit to the school. I have loved every moment being with them even when they do try annoy me with a Scott the goldfish song (Just ask them to sing it and you will understand what I mean). If  your school come back to Liddington next year I would love to look after your students again, they have been one of the nicest groups I have had in my 2 years working at PGL. I wish them all the best and hope to see them again.

Your Sincerely

Scott Cooper