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Performance Poetry

Year 6 have been studying poetry for the past few weeks and to mark the end of this work we rehearsed and performed the poem, Mathilda, by Hilaire Belloc.

Despite the fact that each group only had 30 minutes to prepare their poem, I was very impressed by the quality of the performances.

P1070169 (Medium) P1070167 (Medium) P1070164 (Medium) P1070163 (Medium) P1070160 (Medium) P1070158 (Medium) P1070150 (Medium) P1070156 (Medium) P1070155 (Medium)

P1070150 (Medium) P1070151 (Medium) P1070155 (Medium) P1070156 (Medium) P1070158 (Medium) P1070160 (Medium) P1070163 (Medium) P1070164 (Medium) P1070167 (Medium) P1070169 (Medium)

We Won!

Congratulations to all 3 Wroxham teams, you all played really well against some very strong teams from Little Heath, Oakmere, Ladbrooke and Cranbourne.

Special mention must go to our A team, who won every match and were the overall tournament winners.

Most importantly, I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did.

P1070213 (Medium)

P1070193 (Medium) P1070194 (Medium) P1070196 (Medium) P1070197 (Medium) P1070198 (Medium) P1070199 (Medium) P1070200 (Medium) P1070201 (Medium) P1070202 (Medium) P1070203 (Medium) P1070204 (Medium) P1070205 (Medium) P1070206 (Medium) P1070207 (Medium) P1070208 (Medium) P1070209 (Medium) P1070210 (Medium) P1070211 (Medium)


What a lovely welcome home!

Thank you Year 6 for  your wonderful welcome home! I really meant it when I said that I was missing you all and it was so lovely to be greeted by your messages on the white board when I came in this morning.

My trip to Shanghai has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to telling the whole school about it in assembly tomorrow.


Shanghai update

Dear year six,

This is probably our last email from Mrs Barker, whilst she is still in
Shanghai. We are all dying to hear her amazing news when she returns to
Wroxham on Tuesday.

Miss O’Hagan

Dear year 6,

Today, all of the UK teachers worked together throughout the day. We were planning how we can use some of the maths activities that we have seen in China, in our own schools when we get back home.

This evening we went out for dinner to an amazing restaurant- it was on the 6th floor of a building and we were sat outside on a terrace overlooking the river. All of the high rise buildings around us were lit up, so the view was spectacular.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Shanghai, before we make the long journey home. I am planning to go shopping for some souvenirs of my trip; maybe a fan, or a nodding cat, or some chopsticks? 

I hope that you have discovered more about the Mayans and that you are enjoying writing your metaphor poems.

Love from Mrs Barker x

Week Five.

The week is going well in Year Six. We have had visitors observing our
teaching and learning and everyone rose to this challenge, well done.

Today we had an informative assembly about Food Banks. We can all help
support this venture and if your parents are in agreement, please bring in
a donation. The list of suitable foods is attached to this week’s

Mrs Barker has sent us further emails, detailing her teaching and research
in China. I attach some further photos. Don’t forget that we have PE on

Best wishes

Miss O’Hagan