Welcome Back!

It is hard to believe that this will be our final term at The Wroxham School; but what an amazing term it will be.

We are all working really hard to prepare ourselves for SATs, which begin on May 8th. However, we will also be finding time in the afternoons to construct the vehicles that we have designed. In addition, we begin our swimming lessons next Friday and Saracens’ coaches will be taking us for Tag Rugby each Tuesday.

With all this hard work going on, it is really important that everyone gets enough sleep- so I have decided to go to bed 1 hour earlier every night.

Mrs Barker


Explorer Presentations

Year 6 have been researching the lives of different explorers and presenting their findings to the rest of the class.

We then voted to select the presentation that we would like to be shown to the rest of the school in assembly tomorrow. Congratulations to everyone for your very engaging presentations.